3 Ideas On How To Use Social Media Video Platforms To Your Advantage


Let’s briefly define advantage: increasing your church’s awareness in your local community or actively engaging your existing community through your social media.

Facebook Live

  1. Document significant events in your community
    Say there is a huge fair or festival going on in your local area (like Christmas carols or a big fundraising event, etc) that you would be attending anyway as a member of your local community. You might be attending to meet new people in the area, make new friends, etc which all increase public awareness about your church. Obviously this is great! But not the only way for you to maximise awareness. Facebook live is a great way to document a significant event in your community for the community’s interest or benefit.

An idea I’ve had is to:
Use your church (or even personal) account to FB live significant moments at the event and then “boost” your post to a tailored audience (your local community). This means your video is almost exclusively being viewed by your target market, it gives a face and character to your church and shows your local community that you are an enthusiastic member of it. If you do this consistently it will build a reputation/expectation that your church is interested and involved with the community.

Obviously there needs to be some quality control (no triple chins thanks) but Facebook live is an easy way to reach your community for minimum effort.

Instagram stories

  1.  Sermon highlights or Mini Sermons

Instagram stories is the new kid on the block, and people love it so much that they’re already saying RIP Snapchat. I don’t think that it’s going to kill snapchat, but I do think it’s a fantastic new way to tell stories to your audience.

A cool way to use instagram stories could be highlights of Sunday’s sermon or delivering mini sermons during the week to build anticipation to the upcoming message.

You could mix it up with a 10 second snippet from you (or your speaker), then a hand drawn note, then a point, etc, etc. There are so many possibilities.

Depending on what you choose, sermon highlights or mini sermons via instagram stories will either build anticipation, pique the interest of a possible church attendee or provide an alternative perspective of the Sunday message.

Here’s an example of what I mean (GaryVee is a marketing guru, check out his stuff!): https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=79&v=XiHBcZe1uss

Snapchat stories

  1. Have some fun with it!

Sometimes we get too serious with our social media that we don’t realise how much fun it can be! And unless you’re trying to reach statues, your audience loves to have fun!

One of snapchat’s main features is its fun, stupid and hilarious filters.
Here’s an idea: You could go around on Sunday after the service and play filter roulette with as many of your church members as you can. This is an easy game to play (I just made it up then):

1. Focus on someone’s face with snapchat filter
2. Swipe carelessly and see which filter it lands on
3. Video or take a photo of the undoubtedly hilarious face
4. Post to your snapchat story
5. Have the person follow you via snapcode

This creates awareness of your church’s snapchat presence and even more importantly it creates a connection between fun and your church in people’s minds, which I think is an awesome connection for people to make!

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Alex Farncomb 

Joanna Mikac
September 22, 2016

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