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Welcome to our second instalment of our Added Value project. We had some great feedback from our last email on Effective Social Media(which you can here) so we are so excited to be bringing you some more resources to bring your church projects to life! We would love to know what you want to know. If there are any areas you’d like us to touch on in these emails, please don’t hesitate to contact us – we are here to help!

Keep reading to get the latest resources from C3 Music, and a sneak peek at how we organise regional conferences around the globe.

Regional Conferences

This month as part of our Added Value series, we are excited to share with you our 2016 Regional Conference Template. Each year we hold annual conferences in our 12 regions across the globe. Regional conferences provide a powerful gathering point for our pastors, teams and congregation members, and are a unifying ‘moment in time’ where our family can come together to honor our creator, share our stories, be encouraged by our leaders and build our collective faith.

In order to encourage a unified expression of C3 culture across the globe, we have started releasing Regional Conference templates. The template covers all aspects of conferences, from branding to media, promotion and themes. While these were created for your Regional Directors, so many of our churches hold their own conferences and gatherings that we felt this template might be a good resource for you too!

Click below to download and view the 2016 Regional Conference template!

C3 Music 

ABIDE. One of the greatest privileges we have is to lead people in worship and I love that we get to do this as a team, not a worship band, but a team.  

This album has really gone back to our foundations, putting Jesus at the centre of our worship. We put aside all other agendas and focused on our House and giving people words to sing, to declare to our God and over their situations. The power of life and death is in the tongue. There are a lot of people who form their theology, their view of God from our worship songs. The songs we write, the words we pen are so important. As a team we never take that lightly. We want to give people life – serve them Jesus.  

One of the greatest moments of worshipping with congregations in Asia was seeing full altar calls with people responding to follow Christ. Our worship should be electric. Our worship should personify our mighty God. Our worship should lead people straight to Him.  

We know that to Abide in Christ is not passive but it’s active, its alive, its a daily walk with Him. We don’t sit back, but we walk through. We walk by the streams, through the valley, all of it with Christ.  

We pray these songs are tools, weapons that break open heaven in your church the way it has in ours.  

Chrissy x 

Chrissy Burow is the Creative & Services Director of C3 Church Oxford Falls in Sydney and leads our Creative Community. She has been part of the core team for almost 15 years and is an integral part of the C3 Music Team.   You’ll find her on keys or band leading in any of our services. Chrissy is passionate for the House of God and making it a place that is relevant to anyone who walks through the doors. 

Joanna Mikac
July 8, 2016

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