We have the honour of sharing devotionals from Colin & Beth Blois from C3 Hope City // Read Beth’s devotional below on assurance & confidence in the “Yes!” of God!

Psalm 85:12 (ESV) Yes, the Lord will give what is good, and our land will yield its increase.

I am not sure if this is a girl thing but I am the kind of person that doesn’t work well with vague! I love certainty, clarity and assurance, I like black or white, grey doesn’t suit me!! What I love when I read this scripture is the first thing that hits me is ‘YES’ that assurance, that confidence, no uncertainty and no grey!! YES the Lord WILL give what is good. This isn’t a question its a statement of certainty – goodness will find you! I am constantly struck by the goodness of God and His nature to do good in my life! Wherever I go, whatever I face I am being pursued by His goodness.

In this season we can carry that confidence that ‘Our land’; your land – your family, your Church, your city WILL yield, it will produce and provide increase. What an amazing promise! Your land – no matter how barren, your family – no matter how broken, our cities – no matter how far they may feel from God WILL be restored, they will grow!

Beth Blois
February 8, 2016

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