We have the honour of sharing devotionals from Lars & Megan Halvorsen, from C3 Darwin! Read Megan’s devotional about making the most of our today below:

Psalm 116: 16 (MSG) Oh God, here I am, your servant, your faithful servant: set me free for your service!

One of the great benefits of salvation is freedom. Freedom from sin, guilt, shame, our past, sickness, bondage and the list goes on. It is for freedom He has set us free!

What is the purpose of this freedom though? The world would tell us that freedom is all about the ability to run your own life, forge your own path, follow the desires of the flesh and be free from the restrictions others place upon us.The true freedom of the Kingdom is of course different. I love the heart cry of David here in this Psalm: “Set me free for your service!” He had the revelation that the purpose of his freedom in Christ was to actually freely lay his life down in service to God.

One of my favourite things is hearing people’s joy when they discover the fulfillment that comes from serving. As we serve God, others, our church and our community we bring a revolution!
No matter what role, title or function we perform, let’s always keep at heart: “God, here I am, your servant.”

Megan Halvorsen
June 8, 2016

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