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South Asia is a vibrant and emerging region in the world, encompassing the nations of Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.  The people are warm and diverse, the cities never sleep, and urbanisation and development are rapid.

Although industry and commerce are strong, and infrastructure projects abounding, poverty is common. The average income in India is US$250 per month, but it is even less for pastors.

C3 has churches in five of the seven nations: Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.  Almost all of our churches have planted at least one other church, some up to seventy. 

The Christian Worldview is uncommon, yet church planting and evangelism thrive here. People are coming to Christ in significant numbers every week, even though all seven South Asian nations are on the World Watch List for Persecuted Christians.

The boldness and courage of the churches is testament to their commitment to Christ.  In the midst of growing persecution, there is faith and increase.

Building Projects

Rented buildings are common, but building projects are beginning throughout the region. C3 Siliguri’s church building is almost complete, and C3 Amravati have recently begun a school.

C3 Siliguri’s new building in its early stages.


C3 Pune

Established in 1994, C3 Pune celebrated their 25th anniversary this year, with over 700 people in attendance. In their 25 years, they have planted over 70 churches, and they continue to train countless church planters in the Bible, ministry and leadership skills.

C3 Pune celebrated their 25th anniversary this year, with over 700 people in attendance.

Senior Pastor Rachel Sable addressing the congregation.


Sanitation & Medical Assistance

Civil authorities have reached out to our churches to request assistance with sanitation and medical teams. Not only is this another way for our pastors to assist in the development of communities, but it’s a chance to partner with local government – a rare and crucial opportunity in South Asia.


Pastoral Training

We hold pastoral training events in South Asia twice a year.  Training is always skills-oriented, designed for practical application in churches, to provide momentum and growth.  This year, our training events were held in India and in Nepal, in the local languages to provide greater access to pastors.  For senior pastors and their spouses, an annual summit is held to provide targeted support and skills for senior ministry. We find that these are pivotal moments in our calendar year.


Our South Asian churches are strong and vibrant, focused on evangelism and church planting, and situated in a part of the world with incredible potential – South Asia holds 25% of the world’s population – 50% of them under 25 years of age.

The future is bright, but your prayer support is crucial to the spread of the Gospel in South Asia. 

If you have questions or are able to support the mission, please email enquiries@c3southasia.in.


Richard & Sue Circle

Richard & Sue Botta
December 3, 2019

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