C32020 Update

Joanna Mikac   |   February 3, 2017


I still remember our first Global Conference in Singapore in 2002. We called it ‘The Big One’, and it certainly was big for that stage of our history. It was also big, no huge, conceptually, as this is when the ‘2020 Vision’ was first shared. At that time we had just 71 churches and the year 2020 seemed a long way away.

Here we are 15 years later and we have just reached 451 locations. In 2002 C3 really was a child of the Western World but with a global vision. Of the 71 C3 churches only five were from Asia, Africa and the Pacific Islands. We now total 253 churches located in Africa, Asia, Pacific Islands, Central and South America and the Middle-east comprising 56% of our churches, so we truly are a growing global movement.

The story of how we got here is a great story, made up of the many stories of C3 pastors and churches as they lead in stepping up and taking an active role in the 2020 Vision.

Over the past 11 years, Richard and Sue Botta (C3 Carlingford) have focused their church missions on the goal of establishing the C3 South Asia Region. Their church has run regional conferences, Every Woman Conferences, pastor training and Richard and Sue have provided oversight that has seen this region grow to 22 churches in five nations. But of course they couldn’t do this alone and have had bucket loads of help from Derek and Kylie Gerard (C3 Scarborough), Rod and Wendy Waters (C3 Joondalup), Jeff and Carolyn Frankham (C3 Ballina), and Tim and Kirrily Lowe (C3 City) among many.

Another church that has invested at regional level is C3 Ryde, with Richard Green overseeing C3 in the Middle East, Central Asia, the Balkans and the Caucasus. Richard and Cathie have directed their missions resources into the 2020 Vision across this vast area of Arabic, Islamic, Slavic and Russian influenced areas and have seen remarkable growth with 30 churches in just a few years. They too have a growing group of C3 churches focusing their mission activity to see C3 established in this vast and diverse region.

Overseeing regions is at the ‘macro’ end of 2020 Vision involvement. But this has only been possible because of strong involvement and support from a huge number of C3 pastors. I want to let you know about some of them to honour their sacrifice and celebrate what they have achieved, but also to inspire us all to be involved at whatever level we can.

Starting in New Zealand, Wayne and Wendy Peate have focused the attention and the resources of C3 Howick to see C3 Fiji grow to nine churches.

C3 Ellerslie have also provided income generating tools for pastors in northern Uganda. In this part of the world most of our pastors are farmers, and this great church in New Zealand enabled many of our pastors to create income from honey by providing bee hives, and to increase their farming yield by providing oxen and ploughs. And while we are in NZ, Barry and Linda Farmilo from C3 North Shore have provided C3 pastor training in Congo and helped East African pastors with transport to conferences.

Simon and Sarah Spalinger have directed the missions giving of C3 Zurich to funding training and church planting in the East Africa. C3 Fulham provided oversight and support for many years into Uganda, and what was one church has multiplied into twelve with their support. C3 Amsterdam helped support the Nairobi church plant. C3 Hope City hosted our inaugural C3 West Africa conference in Ghana, sowing considerable resources into the establishment of a brand new C3 region.

C3 Subang in Malaysia have trained pastors and sown generously into the work of C3 in Kenya, Uganda and Congo. C3 Fremantle pioneered the work of C3 in West Africa and thanks to Nigel and Andrea Surman there are now four C3 churches in Liberia. C3 Brooklyn built a new church building in Uganda replacing one that was burnt down. Phil Beuchler from C3 Long Island trained C3 pastors in Kampala, Cairo and Johannesburg.

C3 in South East Asia has boomed, and Jake Betlem has been strongly supported in this by Anthony & Melinda Shalala (C3 Central City), Eric and Christine Harrison (C3 Currumbin), Lars and Megan Halvorsen (C3 Darwin), Keith and Janet Edwards (C3 Victory), Steve and Deb White (C3 Monash) and many others in providing oversight, resources, training and ministry.

And this is just scratching the surface of the help and resources provided by great C3 churches across the globe. Oversight of pastors, teaching and training, partnership on major projects, seed capital for income generation, funding conferences, helping church plants – C3 church missions has contributed to the 2020 Vision in every conceivable way.

To get involved in the 2020 Vision, check out C32020.com



Ps Pat Antcliff

Faith Comes By Hearing // Valerie McIntyre

Joanna Mikac   |   January 10, 2017


Presence 2017: Fight The Drift

Galatians 3: 5-6 – Does He who supplies the Spirit to you and works miracles among you do so by works of the law, or by hearing with faith – just as Abraham believed God, and it was counted to him as righteousness?

Hearing by faith is all we need to do to acquire the promises of God: His grace for us, our acceptance by Him, our admittance into his family. We hear by faith and Jesus is ours – immediately. So, why do we so frequently slip into doubt, into trying to work it out? It is so easy to slip from the spirit to earthiness, the desire to do things ourselves, and in our own way. If there is so much freedom in the spirit, why do we so easily ditch it for our humanity?

Paul clearly said, the spirit is willing by the flesh is weak. We drift because it’s a part of who we are, it is a part of what it means to be human. So, if this is our reality, how do we shift back to where we know we need to be? How do we fight the drift toward humanity and shift back toward God?

Faith comes by hearing, hearing by the Word of God. Paul was clear, our faith comes from hearing about it. Abraham heard God and believed God and it was counted to him as righteousness.

Presence Conference 2017 is coming. I can see it in my mind’s eye, hovering just over the lip of the New Year. Each year I go to this annual gathering for a variety of reasons. For those of us who live far away, I am not going to lie, it can feel like a struggle. It’s a long trip, jet lag is real and it’s not nice. But what gets me excited about getting there, what makes it all worthwhile? I want to be with my people, and I want to hear from God. In a room like that, surrounded by my church family, the spirit is palpable. I can taste and feel the Holy Spirit. And I know I will leave with revelation, a God encounter and the strength to fight the drift. Presence Conference is an opportunity, more than anything else, to get recharged in the Sprit, with the people I love.

If there is one thing I could do this year it would be to encourage our family to make this gathering a priority. And if you can’t get there, I get it. But don’t miss out, tune-in, there will be easy ways to do that. Let’s get together in April and get strengthened together. It’s one of the best times of the year!

To register for Presence Conference, jump over to presenceconference.com 

Watch the promo below for a snapshot of our guest speakers!

C3 Church Warragul // C32020

Joanna Mikac   |   November 15, 2016


Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, what does it have to do with C3 Church Warragul, a church in regional Victoria? Everything! Absolutely everything, because of the 2020 vision. As a church, we are totally embracing the 2020 vision as our personal Beyond Mission. You see, we believe in the church, that it is the solution and hope for all, and that’s why we want to see churches strong established across the globe.

Our journey of embracing the 2020 vision started with seeking God. Seeking Him for what area in the world aligned with who we are as a church, and who we are as leaders. I remember coming out of that time of prayer with “Ethiopia” on my heart. My first thoughts were “that’s not really close by, Asia would have been closer!” and “how do we start?”. So we reached out and made contact with the area directors for East Africa, Pat and Amanda Antcliff. We drove up to Sydney and shared our heart and vision for Ethiopia. We asked them how can we help to see the 2020 vision established in Ethiopia.

The thing with the 2020 vision, is it connects you with what God is doing across the globe. It connects your church and your people in a real and relational way to others who are on the same journey but just in another cultural context.

For our church it’s got us thinking globally, it’s moved us to be intentional in supporting, funding and outworking the 2020 vision.

We just came back from Ethiopia in October, after running our first C3 Information Day. We had a great time with Pastors and leaders in Addis Ababa. It’s early days, but we are building strong relationships and connections.

I love that we get to do life with these guys. Whether it’s celebrating the birth of a new baby, or cheering someone on who is starting a new business to fund their church plant. We are part of their lives and they are part of ours.

Embracing the 2020 vision has helped us impact eternity, and it can for you as well.

Steve & Sonya Little
C3 Church Warragul

To find out more about how you can get involved in building the 2020 vision, check out c32020.com


Joanna Mikac   |   November 15, 2016


Welcome to this edition of RTB. The great news is we are still ringing the bell very loud, having just officially reached 450 C3 locations globally!

It has been a wonderful year of growth in our movement. There has been so much expansion happening that sometimes it’s hard to even keep up with it all (that’s a good problem to have!). We are so thankful for all of our Regional Directors for their dedication and incredible work. They have poured their heart and soul into the pastors, leaders, and churches in their regions as well as investing into training and growth. Thank you!

Bernie and I have had a year of extensive travel, investing into as many of our regions as possible. We attended and spoke at ten of our regional gatherings and loved every one of them. It was so encouraging to see that each of these conferences has enjoyed immense growth: last year we had 3775 pastors and leaders attending all of our regional gatherings, compared to over 6000 in 2016! The C3 crew is keener than ever to get together to celebrate and be trained for church building and the great commission.

As well as new congregations, we have seen the “birthing” of new regions. We have seen the emergence of four new regions: Canada, West Africa, East Asia and C3 en Espanol (reaching into the Hispanic communities of Central and South America). This is very exciting for us as I believe it is part of one of our core mandates in Isaiah 54:2-3 where the prophet declares, amongst other things, that we will spread to the right and to the left.

The very first C3 Canada conference last year had 128 attendees. Just a few weeks ago they had their second gathering with over 400 people and are gearing up for 800 next year in Calgary — with Ps Phil speaking!

South East Asia had two gatherings this year: one in Manila and the other in Jakarta, with over 600 leaders at those events. Across the board, we have also seen phenomenal regional training in Australia, Europe, East and West Africa, Southern Africa, Pacific, USA, South Asia and Kazakhstan where over 600 people gathered to be equipped!

And of course, there are many more new locations to be thankful for and celebrate. One of the most wonderful things to report is the diversity of the new growth that is emerging. The new locations cover a very wide range of cities and cultures and include adoptions (existing churches wanting to be part of the C3 family), church plants, new campuses, new extension services and satellites. We have new locations in Pakistan, South Africa, Canada, USA, and Mexico. There are churches in countries and cities once considered by some as unreachable or too dangerous to venture into. We are grateful!

One of the “new” areas of focus and opportunity upon us is the emergence of the multi-site model. This new approach to church planting has allowed for existing churches to start new locations in a very efficient and effective way and still function as one church in several locations. C3 Oxford Falls has done this of late and has 14 locations across Sydney. Several churches in Australia have adopted this model, and it is wonderful to see C3 Mount Annan and several of our churches in Western Australia starting new campuses from their church. Globally, C3 Brooklyn now has 3 locations across the New York metropolis, while C3 Auckland also has 3 locations in their city. As our churches grapple with the challenges attached to expansion, our extension service strategy is enjoying great success and bringing the church to new communities.

So there you have it, a quick summary of just some of the growth happening across our movement. Bernie and I are believing with you for a blessed Christmas this year and an extremely fruitful and abundant 2017 for yourself, your family and your church.

With much love and blessing,

Mark and Bernie


C3 Stories // C3 Europe Conference Celebrates The Opening of C3 Hanau

Joanna Mikac   |   September 22, 2016



September 2016 marks the opening of Ps. Manfred and Martina’s new church building in Hanau, Germany. This is the second building project they have embarked on in the past 14 years since taking over their church, and celebrates over 19 years being a part of the C3 family. The Schwarzkopf’s were saved in Sydney, Australia back in the 1980’s – in fact, Ps. Phil and Chris were two of the first leaders they connected with after meeting Christ. Many years later they were re-united with C3 in Germany and have been growing a vibrant church family ever since.

Along with their two sons and daughter-in-law, they will be debuting their new space during the C3 European Conference. Featuring Ps. Phil Pringle, Global Growth Ministers Mark and Bernie Kelsey, inspirational speaker Paul Scanlon and hosted by Regional Directors Simon and Valerie McIntyre, the sold out event is a fitting way to usher in this new season in the life of C3 Hanau. If you get a chance, check them out on social media and share some congratulatory love! Growth is happening!

Also check out C3 Europe on instagram to see more of their incredible conference held in the new C3 Hanau building!

C3 Stories // C3 Cyclists

Joanna Mikac   |   August 8, 2016
C3 Cyclists was started in 2010 by a group of 12 cyclists from C3 Mount Annan, and has now expanded to many other C3 Global Churches and local communities.

C3 Cyclists are an enthusiastic community of people from C3 Churches around the world who:

  • love cycling
  • want to be outwardly focused on helping others
  • want to connect with other cyclists
  • want to improve their health and wellbeing, and encourage others to also
  • want to achieve something significant they can tell their kids and grandkids
C3 Cyclists runs an annual charity ride to support our chosen charities.

We have raised much needed funds for children for;

  • 2010 Kids Cancer project, Ride to Melbourne $20K +
  • 2011 Kids Cancer project,  Ride to Coff’s Harbour $20K +
  • 2012 Bathurst Base Hospital (Resus unit through Humpty for Children’s Unit) Raised $25K
  • 2013 Port Macquarie Base Hospital (Resus unit through Humpty for Children’s Unit) Raised $22K
  • 2015 Nambour General Hospital (rasied for a Giraffe Cart for Children’s Unit, $25K)
  • 2016 Queanbeyan Hospital, Panda Resus Unit ($32,500)
To keep up to date with C3 Cyclists and their upcoming 756km ride in 2017, check out their website here.

C3 Stories // C3 Cares

Joanna Mikac   |   June 16, 2016

Screen Shot 2016-09-08 at 2.59.13 pm

C3 Cares exists to help people in need, in crisis or isolation across Sydney. We believe in community and bringing a message of hope and practical support. C3 Cares Dee Why recently had their first outdoor service where we saw two people receive Christ, and four people healed! Many people gathered and heard a message of hope, including a short testimony and the Gospel.

A Buddhist monk was brought into the service by one of our GO team. He heard the Gospel, gave his heart to Jesus, and was set free from depression and anxiety. He said He could see and feel Jesus and will be coming along to our Alpha courses, and bringing his mum with him!

Another lady approached our prayer tent and wanted to talk to one of our team. She had recently lost a loved one and was suffering with grief. We prayed for her and she felt the peace of God and received the Prince of Peace into her life right then and there.

C3 Cares provides the perfect opportunity to connect with the community. Church without walls. The bad news is that people have the wrong idea about who Christians, the Church and God are.  The good news is that we can change those opinions and judgements one person at a time.

For more info on C3 Cares please visit their website www.C3cares.com.au