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C3 Jacksonville

Region: USA, Florida

With location Pastors
Tyler & Ema Weeks

Launching Late 2020

Connect with C3 Jacksonville
Email: hello@c3jax.com
Website: www.c3jax.com
Facebook: @c3jacksonville
Instagram: @c3jax

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C3 Philly Larger Text
C3 Philly

Region: USA, Pennsylvania Philadelphia

With location Pastors
Colin & Beth Blois

Launching 2020

Connect with C3 Philly
Email: hi@c3philly.co
Website: www.c3philly.co
Instagram: @c3philly

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C3 Music City Larger Text
C3 Music City

Region: USA, Nashville – Tennessee

With location Pastors
Steve & Ami Stewart

Launching Late 2020

Connect with C3 Music City
Email: hello@c3musiccity.com
Website: c3musiccity.com
Instagram: @c3musiccity

Shan And Moira Simpson
C3 Strathmore Larger Text
C3 Strathmore

Region: Canada, Alberta

With location Pastors
Shan & Moira Simpson

Launching 2020

Connect with C3 Strathmore
Email: info@c3northcalgary.ca
Instagram: @c3strathmore

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C3 History Makers Larger Text
C3 History Makers

Region: USA, Miami – Penbroke Pines

With location Pastors
Terrence and Emma Mullings

Launching Late 2020

Connect with C3 History Makers
Email: terrence@c3HIStorymakers.com
Website: www.historymakerschurch.com
Instagram: @c3HIStoryMakers