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Happy New Year!


Whether you are a New Years’ Resolution setter, or not, January usually allows pastors a time for reflection and consideration as to how they wish to lead differently in the coming year and beyond. May I suggest this resource to you for that reflection?


The extraordinary challenges of the last 2 years have forced me to lead in a way that differs from how I wish to lead. For example, I have been forced to lead more reactively than I’d like to. I’ve been forced to give a disproportionate amount of my attention to relatively dull, unspiritual things (such as government health policy documents). I’ve been in way too many Zoom meetings. I’m sure you can relate.


For me, this year, I want to lead with the benefit of margin again.


To that end, I found this resource from John Maxwell, and the short interview and questions, helpful. (The questions below are my notes and may differ slightly from those provided within the resource itself). 

Questions to ask to find margin in your calendar:
  1. Have I pre-populated my calendar with my priorities?
  2. Have I built a buffer between activities to allow reflection?
  3. Am I needed in this meeting? What decisions are going to be made in this meeting? Can somebody else lead this 80% as well?
  4. Am I doing the things that only I can do?
  5. Have I established clear start and stop times in my day?
 Questions to ask to find margin in my life:
  1. What time do I get out of bed?
  2. Is my morning/evening routine working for me?
  3. Am I controlling my ‘yes’ and no’s’?


May 2022 bring us the benefit of leading the way that we are called to lead – by God, not a virus.
Steve Burgess
January 4, 2022

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