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Without prayer the New Testament doesn’t work.
You cannot come to Christ except through prayer.
Draw near to Him in prayer. When you are soft, when you are hard. When you are sinful, when you are holy. When you are full of doubt and when you are full of faith. When you have failed and when you have succeeded.

In His Presence you’ll find all you need.
This is where we learn to lead.
In prayer we learn to preach.
In prayer we get wisdom and strategy from Heaven.
In prayer our attitude is made right.
God gives us strength in prayer. 

There is no relationship with God, except through prayer.
Prayer is not saying some words to God.
It is crying out to Him from our spirit.
We cannot express faith without prayer.
We hear His voice in prayer.
We find Him when we seek Him.

The only place where we cast our burdens on the Lord is in prayer.
Is any among you suffering? Let him pray!
Not seek out the pastors.
Not get some counselling.
Not take some medication.
Not ask others to pray.
Let him pray.
The point of pain is to get us to pray.
Pain makes us focus on what really matters.
‘How long will you be stricken?’ How long is it going to take, and how much pain will it take before you will turn to Him in prayer?
It is in prayer we repent.
It is in prayer we find faith.
It is in prayer we wait on the Lord and rise up with wings like eagles.
It is in prayer we equal our output with our input.

What is a wilderness season?
There is no such thing to the praying person. There is always fat in the bones, waters in the desert, food on the table for the praying soul, because God means more to that person than what He can do for them.
It is in prayer that we thank God.
It is in prayer that we worship and praise Him.

Paul tells us to pray all the time, never ceasing.
It is not an occasional exercise.
It is a continual state, and this state begins at the beginning of every day.
If we do not set aside time for prayer every day, we will lose our relationship with God.
Many Christians have started, but not finished their race.
They failed to develop a prayer life.

Praying men don’t sin. Sinning men don’t pray.
If we do sin, prayer is where we find our way back.

Prayer is your spirit breathing.
Prayer is the church breathing.
If we don’t eat food we can last maybe 6 weeks.
If we don’t drink fluids, maybe 3-4 days.
However, without breath, we die within minutes.
Our prayer life should be as continual as our breathing life.
Whatever shuts down our prayer life needs to be shut down.

The greatest entertainment is the presence of God.
If we are seeking the pleasures of this world we will forsake the ‘fountain of living waters’.
We spend so much money on that which is not bread. It has no spiritual nutrition, no resurrection life, no communion with eternity. We spend money for counsel, for wisdom, for advice, for entertainment, yet it ‘does not satisfy’.
‘Come, buy wine and milk without price’, for no money at all.
Prayer is completely free.
Drinking from the river of God is completely free.
We ignore it to our peril.

Prayer is the secret to effective ministry.
Without it, no life inhabits our abilities.
We may have gifts, talents, personality, charm, yet without the Spirit of God, we are mere flesh creating things that are temporal.
We create eternal things from eternal life.
We find eternal life in prayer.

In prayer we grow strong.
We are Samson without hair when we are without prayer.
We are grinding in the basement, without vision, no eyes to see, not only grinding corn but also grinding our teeth with regret, remorse, and revenge.
If we allow prayer to grow again like Samson’s hair, we will regain our strength and hear again from God, emerge from the basement and bring destruction to the enemy.

Prayer is an everyday habit, without which we will die.
It is in prayer we gather up our manna for the day.
If we don’t we are living on yesterday’s manna.
Ministries that rise on talent will fall and die if they are prayerless.
The chiefest of delights is to draw near to God.
The only place to do this is in prayer.

Prayer is key to New Creation living.
It’s here we cry Abba Father.
It’s here we are filled with the Holy Spirit in an upper Room.
It is here the church is birthed on the river bank.
It is here Paul receives back his sight.
It is here Peter sees the vision of the Gentiles entering the Church.
It is in prayer that prison doors are broken open and prisoners are set free.
It is here we are told by James that the sick are healed and the dead are raised.

Pray at the start of anything.
Pray through everything.
Pray at the end of things.
The secret of all things.
Pray. Pray. Pray.


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Phil Pringle
March 12, 2021

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