C3 Americas

Region Directors - Jurgen & Leanne Mattesius

Region Directors - Jurgen & Leanne Mattesius

The United States is a land of immense population and worldwide influence with a desperate need for the freedom and power of the Holy Spirit. This is why we are excited about the growing impact of our thriving C3 Churches around the nation. Our prayer is for God to raise up many more church planters to get a burden for one of the great cities in this land of the free and home of the brave!


– New Churches: C3 Boston, C3 NE PDX in Portland, C3 Trinity Dallas, C3 North Atlanta, C3 Church on 78 in GA, C3 EF Center in AZ, DP City C3 in CA and C3 Sao Bernardo in Brazil.

– New Buildings: C3 Church on 78 in Georgia, C3 San Diego’s South Campus, and C3 San Diego’s North Campus Kids Church Expansion Building.

– Innovation: C3 NYC is leading the way creating a unique and passionate community through Dinner Parties across New York City. They are now helping hundreds of churches implement the model.

– Community Footprint: C3 VIVE in California & C3 NYC in New York City have both increased their influence in their cities to 5 locations each which is exciting.

– Annual Conference: C3 Americas Conference is expanding and strengthening churches in our region and equipping the overall church culture in America.


– C3 City Light in Raleigh, NC

– C3 Jacksonville, FL


– Minneapolis, MN

– Chicago, IL – Seattle, WA

– Oklahoma City, OK

– Tucson, AZ

– Washington D.C.

– Little Rock, AK