C3 Americas

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The United States is known for many things, and has an influence on much of the world, in one way or another. But, in spite of her power and prestige, and like most of the western world, our citizens are constantly searching for lasting fulfillment and purpose.

The need for Jesus is everywhere you look, and His promise of living water that perpetually satisfies our thirst could not be more applicable or obvious. Our desire is that the people of this nation would encounter Him and His life- giving good news. God’s spirit is doing an incredible work in the US, and we are honoured to be part of it. C3 Americas (including Brazil) has 42 churches and counting. We are filled with faith for a future rich with encounters with Jesus Christ and the miracle- working power of God!


New Churches:

  • C3 Boston Seaport
  • C3 NE PDX in Portland
  • C3 Austin
  • Vive Honoluu
  • Vive Chicago
  • Vive Austin
  • Vive Morgan Hill

New Buildings:

  • C3 Church on 78 in Georgia

Innovation: C3 NYC is leading the way creating a unique and passionate community through Dinner Parties across New York City. They are now helping hundreds of churches implement the model.

Community Footprint: C3 VIVE in California & C3 NYC in New York City have both increased their influence in their cities to 5 locations each which is exciting.

NEW CHURCH PLANTS – Ready to go, or started:

  • Hope City Church, Seattle, WA
  • History Makers, Miami, FL
  • C3 Jacksonville, FL
  • C3 Music City, Nashville. TN
  • C3 Philly, Philadelphia, PA