C3 Canada

Region Directors - Lorne & Kelly Tebbutt

Region Directors - Lorne & Kelly Tebbutt

When you think of Canada, think massive mountains, mean grizzly bears and endless skies. Northern Lights, prairies, Arctic foxes and endless lakes/streams/rivers. From coast to coast we currently have 25 highly-relational, Christ-centred and life-giving churches in major cities. There is such a hunger amongst Canadians for spirit-filled, generational and relevant churches drenched with the dew of heaven. We desire to see the culture of our nation strong in faith, clear in vision and passionate in worship.


In 2018 we saw C3 Toronto, a 5-year-young church plant go to 5 services in 2 locations and celebrate their 5 year anniversary at the historic Massey Hall with 1600 in attendance and over 100 salvations.

C3 Vancouver opened their new location in a beautifully renovated facility.

Three National Conferences were hosted at C3 Calgary and in 2018 the conference moved east to C3 Toronto – which was incredible!


  • C3 Victoria in the stunning capital of British Columbia.
  • C3 East Village in downtown Calgary and another location on Vancouver Island coming soon.


We have plans for the beautiful North in places like Whitehorse, Yukon and Yellowknife. We have our eyes on Winnipeg, Manitoba, Montreal, Quebec, Halifax, New Brunswick and 5 suburbs of Toronto. There is room in the lower mainland of Vancouver for 5 more locations in the next 5 years. Alaska is burning in our hearts too but we might need some dog sleds and huskies to get there! Fact is, there is WIDE OPEN DOORS to extend his handiwork in Canada (and enjoy a bit of ‘ snowboarding!). When you come and visit you will see for yourself!