C3 South Asia

Region Directors - Richard & Sue Botta

Region Directors - Richard & Sue Botta

From the brightly coloured saris to the magnificent natural vistas, from the noise of intense traffic to the gracious greetings of ‘Namaste, from the incredible wealth to the extreme poverty – the 7 nations of South Asia are a wide open door of opportunity. The nations are urbanising rapidly and people are always open to the Gospel when challenged by transition or trauma. The South Asia region has a population of almost 1.8 billion people, with 50% under 25. It is an exciting and ever-changing community, with many challenges, like the estimated 40 million (mainly women) in slavery. C3 has 18 churches in the South Asia region with a vision to plant, assist and build healthy vibrant churches in every major city. Business training also operates across the region changing families’ lives and releasing them from generations of poverty.


Mission teams have been sent into 5 of the 7 nations.

There have been almost 100 women conferences in the region since 2005 – we have seen positive change in the place of women in the church. – Building teams have been sent into India.

We have begun to assist in setting up schools and after school activities – to shift communities with no literacy.

We are assisting slum churches to set up businesses and train their people, to see generations released from poverty.


  • C3 Mominpura in Lahore, Pakistan
  • C3 New Iqbal Town in Islamabad, Pakistan


  • Calcutta
  • Bangalore
  • Chennai
  • Pokhara
  • Thimpu