C3 South East Asia

Region Directors - Jake & Kerrie Betlem

Region Directors - Jake & Kerrie Betlem

The South East Asia region is a collection of 11 countries located between the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. The region is one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations well known for its perfect beaches, tasty cuisine, low prices and hospitality. South East Asia is a highly diverse region with around 1,000 languages or dialects. There is rapid urbanisation occurring throughout most of the region with Singapore leading the way with the most developed economy. Despite a growing middle class population, poverty is still a massive problem, especially in Indonesia and the Philippines, and the associated corrupt industries that thrive from exploiting the poor. This presents us with an opportunity for the gospel to be both demonstrated and declared through social justice and church planting. C3 is found in 6 nations with our largest number of churches in the Philippines, then Indonesia, and Malaysia. To date we have almost 70 C3 churches in South East Asia.


South East Asia gathers regionally in 3 locations: Malaysia, Indonesia and The Philippines. Our local C3 churches love hosting and each conference inspires and motivates our people.

Across the region there were many youth outreaches, C3 Cares ministry and education initiatives for kids and parents in slum communities.


  • Continue to identify church planters, develop them and deploy them into the major cities they have a vision to reach
  • Develop existing leaders/church teams with particular focus on health
  • Partner with independent churches called to be a part of C3 family
  • Increase our reach into the northern area of Indonesia
  • Plant churches in Vietnam and Myanmar
  • Make ground on our goal of 120 healthy churches