Twelve Days of Christmas: Day Five

On Christmas Eve 1974, a natural disaster known as Tropical Cyclone Tracy devastated the city of Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia. Over 80% of homes were destroyed and 30,000 of the 47,000 population were evacuated, many never to return due to the fear and terror they experienced.

Around Christmas time two thousand years earlier, King Herod and all of Jerusalem were equally terrified, a natural phenomenon in the night sky witnessed by wise men from the East heralded the fact that a new king was born. For a paranoid king, news of a rival’s birth is never going to go down well – yet such was the state of the people of Jerusalem that this wasn’t welcome news to them either. Surely with their prophetic narrative they were eagerly anticipating such a birth? Alarmingly, even their scribes and Chief Priests could quickly quote the relevant scriptures pertaining to the birth of the Messiah and then point the wise men in the direction of Bethlehem – all this without even a thought of going along and worshiping their new king themselves! This utter rejection of Jesus as King from the beginning certainly sets the tone for the future. In many ways it was this one word: “King” that caused the problem.

The announcement of Jesus as King still has the same effect today. He makes a claim on the hearts of all people. Some respond in reverent worship, falling on their knees bowed down before Him, while others are terrified at the thought of losing power, pride and control.

The announcement of Jesus as Saviour has always been much more popular than the announcement of Jesus as King. Yet if He is to be your Saviour He must also be your King. Jesus never denied being a king, whether to the crowds on Palm Sunday or before Pilate at His crucifixion – His crime for which he was executed was signposted above His head on the cross: “King of the Jews”. He talked a lot about His “Kingdom”. He asked people to leave behind families and businesses for the sake of His kingdom. He even told his closest followers to go into the whole world and teach people to obey everything He had commanded them. Obey His commands – who does He think He is? A King?!

A King is to be obeyed, He is to be loyally followed, He is to be worshipped. The King is at the centre of the Kingdom. Everything in the Kingdom exists through Him and from Him. In everything the King will have supremacy.

Jesus Christ is the glorious King of heaven and earth. His name is the name that is above all names and at the mention of His name every knee will bow and every tongue confess that He is Lord. He is the King of kings, the Lord of lords and He shall reign forever and ever.  Wise men will seek Him, find Him, bow in worship and obey Him. Will you?


Lars Halvorsen

Lars is the Senior Minister of C3 Church Darwin in the Northern Territory, Australia along with his wife Megan. They moved to Darwin from Sydney in 2012. They have 3 young daughters Elisha (7), Abbie (5) and Eva (1).

Lars Halvorsen
December 18, 2017

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