Twelve Days of Christmas: Day Nine


“Where is he who has been born King of the Jews? For we saw his star when it rose and have come to worship him.”  Matt 2 v 2

This verse of Scripture from Matthew 2 in countless ways encapsulates my friendship with Jesus. Perhaps this reveals the curious nature of my heart as I pursue to know Jesus the eternal Deity, who humbled himself to be likened to me by his humanity. Many of my daily chats with him originate from the questions of my heart that are formulated in my quest to uncover and discover the unending wonder of who Jesus is. Just like this chapter and verse of Matthew, my questions lead me on a journey of discovery. My discovery always ends with me worshipping Jesus as I revel in awe of the newly found wonder of my Jesus and his relentless love for me. This pursuit of Jesus is like an elevator with no bottom floor, for the depths of Jesus are never-ending, as his name Alpha and Omega so perfectly describe. Jesus is the beginning and the end of all things.

Just as the questions of my heart have captivated my attention and propelled me into a journey of unending discovery, so too have the searching questions of the unbeliever captivated their disbelief, and propelled them into a friendship with Jesus. As a Pastor part of my attention is focused on reaching out to the questioning unbelievers in my community. I have found that many are looking for a Jesus they have heard of, or about somewhere along the line. Often the question of their heart too is, ‘Where is Jesus?’. Our churches in this modern world are definitely seen like the star the Magi followed to Jesus. They are intended to be seen as a place full of a people who lead the questioning unbeliever into a personal connection with Jesus the eternal Deity, whose love is relentlessly pursuing them!

As our communities’ attention is captivated with this festive season, for many it brings up unanswered lingering questions about, ‘Where is Jesus?’ It is my absolute hunger that we, as the Bride of Christ, meeting in Churches, around dinner tables, at the beach with family or drinking coffee in cafes, share the unending wonder of Jesus’s relentless love.

Aroha and Blessings this festive season from Aotearoa,

Sarah Percy x


Sarah Percy along with her husband, Mark Percy are the Senior Pastors of C3 Church Taupo. After attending Bible College at Oxford falls in Sydney in 2009 with their then three kids they felt the call home to Aotearoa to plant and grow a C3 Church. Sarah is now mother to a small tribe of children currently numbering at five, Pastor to a growing church, a great communicator and is found in the heart of anything creative, purposeful and inventive.

Sarah Percy
December 22, 2017

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Love hearing The Word through your incredible heart Ps. Sarah. Always new revelation and application. Thank you!

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