Twelve Days of Christmas: Day Seven

There nothing better than relaxing. Winding down by a pool, swimming in the ocean, sitting by a fire, playing a game of golf (scratch that, golf can lead you to dark places). The point is we all long for rest. Rest is like a metaphorical finish line we all yearn to cross. But like the end of a rainbow it can be rather elusive, just when you think you have arrived at rest, it seems to disappear again.

You can imagine the wise men in the Christmas story, in all their wisdom and riches they still hadn’t arrived at rest, they were still searching for something more, who knows how long they searched and pursued, until one day a star appeared.

The star itself wasn’t rest, so maybe they thought it would lead them to a place of rest, a paradise, an oasis, a pool of tranquility, but when they reached the place they discovered that it was neither the star nor a location, the rest they wanted was found in a person. Hence the reason why they didn’t worship the star or the place, but the person of Jesus.


The question we to need ask ourselves is, What have I been putting my hope in for ‘rest’ outside of Jesus?

I personally would have to say a lot of things. I love my day off, I love relaxing on the beach, I love my cold brew coffee moments of solitude, does that mean I a bad person. NO. But Christmas reminds us that yes we should enjoy our times and places of rest, but we need to ultimately allow our rest to be found in Jesus. A place or a moment of rest can come and go but Jesus is our ever-present source of rest. Remind your soul of His rest today and receive the rest that he so willing provides at all times.


James Murray

James and Alanna have pretty much grown up in C3 Church at Oxford Falls. James took over the High School’s ministry when he was 17 and then came on staff full time at age 21. At 24, James and Alanna became the Youth Pastors at Oxford Falls for eight years.

In August 2013 they came home to start C3 Cronulla with a desire to build a Church that is, at its core, strictly inclusive. They feel a strong affinity for Cronulla and the Sutherland Shire region, and are incredibly excited to see what God will do.

James and Alanna live in Cronulla with their three children (or ‘cubs’, as they are referred to).

James Murray
December 20, 2017

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