Twelve Days of Christmas: Day Six

Many of us think too lowly of ourselves- we believe the lies that prowl around.  The saviour for all time was to come out from a place of lacking- how wonderful! But it took the sound of the voice of the prophet to release the will of the Father and herald the infinite amount of possibility accessible to us all.  He spoke life.
The worst sound found on earth is the sound of murmured whining and gossip, there is no life on these things.  The most beautiful of sounds is the sound of praise- when you mean what you say and exalt Jesus, your praise becomes untouchable.
 Let praise rise!
 Let me tell you about a friend of mine. She is looking down the barrel of a double mastectomy and she is the same age as I am.  Her grandmother, Aunty and mother all, lost the ravenous battle of breast cancer before her.  We sipped our tea, and she told me that she has decided to say good things over herself and prophesy life ‘ when I am without, I am going to say that I am satisfied and have enough, and when I am unsure I am going to say that good is coming my way.’ My beautiful friend knows that her words build worlds.  She understands that she can prophesy to her world without yet knowing the King of prophecy Himself.
I don’t want to just experience moments.  I want to create. To bring forth and produce something so others have experiences.  I don’t want to exist in rooms, but make rooms for others.  I do all this for love.  For me it is always always about love.
In a rapidly changing world we must let our sound waves carry life and love.  Try it out this festive season and watch what happens! I really think you’ll be amazed at the power.
Erika Croxford
Erika Croxford; Pastor, leader and creator. A mum of two energetic boys and wife to Ryan CroxfordErika is passionate about the balance of modern ministry, family life and creating beauty and wonder. Erika ministers and writes with an authentic, beautiful and passionate approach, drawing from her lifetime of experiences including the previous 7 years serving as the Senior Pastor of C3 Church Newcastle City along with her husband Ryan. Erika‘s heart for His Kingdom is truly remarkable, as she ministers, her heart for His Church, family and creativity reflects her true relationship with God.
Erika Croxford
December 19, 2017

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