Our History

What began as Christian Centre Northside, a humble gathering of 12 people on Sydney’s sunny Northern Beaches, has turned into C3 Church Global, an international movement of over 500 churches. Spanning 38 years and 64 countries, the C3 family is still just as fun and welcoming as when Ps Phil and Chris first began the church in 1980.

Easter morning 1980, Phil and Chris Pringle held a service at the Dee Why Surf Life Saving Club. Its modern music and welcoming atmosphere drew people in. Within 4 years, the church had grown to 400 members and developed partnerships with existing churches in the neighbourhood. As the collection of churches grew, it became known as Christian City Church, now C3. A new vision was born – to plant 10 churches in 10 cities around the world.

By the 1990s, God had done exceedingly above and beyond anything we could have imagined. This called for a bigger vision, an ever-onwards-and-upwards approach. Now, with over 500 churches in 64 countries, we are seeing God’s love and power stretch across the globe. From Australia to Kazakhstan, from Sweden to Brazil, we are C3.

Our Heart

Connection is in our DNA. Our leaders meet locally, nationally and globally for conferences, training and time to simply connect. Our priority is to empower to Senior Pastors and facilitate a culture of community, because we believe that life is better together.

Most importantly, our mission is to help people find Jesus. Together, we have a dream of seeing 1 million people in our C3 congregations around the world every weekend. The C3 of the future will be even more vibrant, diverse and energetic than it is now. As we look to the future, we’re excited about all that God is doing and all that he will do.


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C3 Church Global Team

Our C3 Church Global Team direct and oversee the movement as a whole, are involved in setting vision and goals, and activating key projects to propel us forward.

C3 Church Global Org chart