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Ps Phil and Chris Pringle are the founders of the C3 Global movement. Coming from New Zealand to Sydney in 1980, they set out to start a church that would be contemporary, relevant, and anointed.

Phil is passionate about building faith filled, anointed churches that are motivated to reach the lost, and make disciples. His heart is to see local churches thrive in their community through functioning in the power of the Holy Spirit and feeding on the Word of God. Mama Chris, as she is affectionately known, brings life, revelation, healing and joy. Everyone who experiences her ministry will find themselves inspired, and changed.

In the early 1980s, Christian Centre Northside (as it was known) began as an Easter Service with just 12 people. By the mid 1980s it had grown to over 500 people! In the early 1980s, the church began to start other churches. As well as this, some independent churches joined in with Christian Centre Northside. As the number of churches grew, the collection of churches became known as the movement Christian City Church (now called C3 Church). At the same time, the vision of 10 churches in 10 cities of the world was developed.

By the beginning of the 90s, C3 Church had outgrown the previous vision. A fresh vision was in sight: to reach with major cities of the world with C3 Church. Currently we have over 500 churches worldwide and more than 112,000 members. Our churches continue to grow and expand into new regions, meeting all over Australia, New Zealand, in the Pacific Region, in Europe and in the United Kingdom, North and South America, and growing rapidly in Asia and Africa.

The church Ps Phil and Chris originally began is now known as C3 Church Oxford Falls, situated on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. C3 Church is one church, many locations and has a membership of several thousand, meeting all over Sydney.

Connection runs through the DNA of our movement. Our leaders meet locally, nationally and internationally for conferences, training, time-out and simply to just spend time together. With over 500 established churches around the globe, it is essential for a culture of connection and community to run through the veins of our movement. This helps explain how C3 Church works.

C3 Church Global Directors

Direct and oversee the movement as a whole in setting vision and goals for the movement.

Global Directors 2

C3 Church Regional Directors

Are the representatives and oversight of a particular region and care for specific, regional needs. Collectively, our regional overseers have over 150 years of experience in church leadership.

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C3 Church Overseers

Experienced Senior Pastors who provide structure and support to local pastors, within regions.

Senior Pastors:
Are the spiritual oversight and leadership of their local church. Each church is also managed by a local or executive board who make decisions for the church in keeping with the visions and culture of C3 Church Global and the vision of the senior pastor.