Ps. Phil &

Chris Pringle

Ps Phil & Chris Pringle founded C3 back in 1980. Now a movement of 500+ churches in 60 countries across the globe, C3 has a reach of more than 100,000 people worldwide.

Hailing from New Zealand, Phil and Chris come from a radical conversion to Christianity. While living in a hippie commune, they happened upon a small Pentecostal church where they were radically saved. Marrying soon after, they leapt into ministry, sharing the gospel with everyone they encountered.

Eventually they left the land of the long white cloud with their kids and a few good friends, a dream in their hearts to start a church in Sydney, Australia. Following the voice of God, and fuelled by prayer, they planted the first Christian City Church – as it was known back then – on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. Now known as C3 SYD, it is a thriving church with locations across the city.

Ps Phil & Chris are now Pastors Emeritus at C3 SYD, and continuing in their roles as Founders and Leaders of C3 Church Global, spend the majority of their time with the growing C3 family.


Phil Pringle

Ps Phil is the Founder & Leader of C3 Church Global, along with his wife Chris, who both lead with a deep passion for Christ and a love for people. Phil's lifelong messages of faith and leadership have hugely contributed to a strong discipleship culture within the C3 family globally.

With a strong leadership gifting, in the early days of C3, Phil developed a TV show to inspire and empower people from all walks of life. Your Best Life aired on television screens globally for 40 years.

Phil has also been an advocate for reviving the arts in ministry. Passionate about bringing leadership and the arts to the next generation, the Pringle’s began C3 College, through which thousands of students have been equipped for both arts careers and ministry. Having studied Fine Arts at University, Phil is known for his artwork, sculptures and live paintings.

Although in high demand as an artist and communicator, Phil’s great love is the local church and winning people to Christ. He is committed to developing leaders who have a heart for people, who plant churches that are the hope of the world.


Chris Pringle

Mama Chris, as she is known affectionately within C3, is a mother, wife, author, friend and communicator who has been active in ministry for over 40 years. Ps Chris is mother to 3, grandmother to 5, and wife to Phil for over 50 years.

Phil and Chris were high school sweethearts and have walked the entirety of their Christian journey together – from living in a hippie commune to finding Christ in a small Pentecostal church in Christchurch, New Zealand. They are the dream team in every circumstance – teaching, preaching, prophesying, authoring and editing.

Ps Chris’s heartfelt messages and revelations reach men and women of every generation. She is most sought after for her messages on marriage, hospitality, families, friendships and following the call of God. She speaks with authority, a lifetime of wisdom, and a hint of cheekiness. Mama Chris never fails to bring joy, life and healing to whomever she encounters.

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