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Canada is home to some of the most livable cities in the world, including Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, and Calgary, known for their high quality of life and vibrant cultural scenes. Canada is the second-largest country in the world by land area; showcasing stunning natural landscapes, including the Rocky Mountains, Niagara Falls, the Canadian Rockies, and the vast boreal forests. Aside from its natural beauty, Canada is known for its multiculturalism and rich ethnic diversity with a population of 38.25 million people. 

From coast to coast we currently have 14 highly-relational, Christ-centered and life-giving churches in major cities. There is a hunger amongst Canadians for spirit-filled, generational and relevant churches, filled with genuine community and the presence of God. We desire to see the church as influencing the culture of our nation, to be strong in faith, clear in vision and passionate in worship.

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Stop Press:

  • We joined with C3 America’s Gathering in January and will be hosting our very own C3 Canada Gathering, the first since 2018 in August this year!
  • After 30 years of incredible ministry Rick and Nell VanDewark transitioned C3 Edmonton to its new leaders, Rob and Leigh-anne DeVries.
  • Graham & Patti Fletcher have recently transitioned the leadership of C3 Vancouver to their daughter Susanna and Glenn Stretton. We honor them for their pioneering spirit as they launched the very first C3 Church in Canada. 
  • C3 Toronto is launching their brand new album in August after releasing 4 this year

New Churches

  • C3 Hamilton (2022)
  • C3 Calgary Central (2023)

New Buildings 

  • C3 Toronto purchased 2 buildings (one to be occupied this year)
  • C3 Vernon permanent space
  • C3 Vancouver new permanent space

Miracle in Motion

  • C3 Calgary West is seeing an explosion in growth in Youth Ministry. From takeover services, to empowering them in ministry, we’re seeing a generation reached in this city! 
  • Through Love This City, C3 Toronto has been able to fund Xpress in Africa to equip church planters in the Region. 
  • The Xpress Conference in America will be equipping aspiring church planters who will be sent throughout the continent, including Canada, to establish new churches.

The Future Looks Like:

Our vision is to see Church’s planted in provinces that do not yet have a C3 Church. We see locations in strategic cities like Montreal, Winnipeg, Ottawa and Halifax.  It doesn’t stop there - our nation needs Jesus now more than ever and we are excited to be part of advancing His Kingdom.

We have 14 locations currently and we need locations in every province, in every major city. Canada’s greatest days are before us with the greatest churches yet to be planted.


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