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The lands we have been planting C3 churches in stretches from the Arab world of North Africa through to the Middle East – Jordan, Iraq, Syria and on to the Slavic speaking countries of the Balkans. It also includes Central Asia – the wonderful lands of the “stans” Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan and on up into the vast regions of Siberia and Russia. These are magnificent lands of deserts and mountains, wild rivers, forests and vast wildernesses.

In Russia alone, with a population of 145 million, there is less than 0.3% Evangelical Christians. There is also more than 75 cities with populations greater than the Australian Capital – Canberra, yet many have no Pentecostal or Evangelical churches at all. In the Arab world there is 366 million people and according to some there are less than 600 pastors, if this is true then the job ahead of us is massive.

My desire is to preach where Christ is not known and our vision is to establish vibrant communities – C3 churches, where Christ is their foundation and where faith, hope and love can transform regions of war, radical Islam, authoritarian rule, persecution and suffering.

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