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C3 West Africa

The most densely populated region in Africa, West Africa comprises 18 nations including vibrant and industrious Nigeria, well governed and prospering Ghana and countries that are known for years of civil war or the scourge of Ebola such as Liberia and Sierra Leone.

Of particular note is the nation of Nigeria which is the most populous nation in Africa. Indeed, one in four Africans in the world is of Nigerian background. West Africa is the third C3 region to be established in Africa and is in seed stage with just eight locations throughout Liberia, Sierra Leone and Ghana. Given the energy and outward focus of the church throughout West Africa, this region is poised to be of significant size and influence in the C3 movement.

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Stop Press:

Building on the great work of Nigel and Andrea Surman from C3 Fremantle over many years in Liberia, we now have four churches in Liberia.

C3 Hope City Accra moved into a brand new facility, doubling their capacity and making a huge improvement in the quality of services.


Our three new locations in Sierra Leone joined C3 in late 2017.

C3 Hope City Accra’s extension service in the north of Accra in East Legon.

The Future Looks Like:

The ‘big picture’ church planting vision for C3 in West Africa is to go into the cities of regional influence, these being Lagos, Nigeria, Accra, Ghana and Abidjan, Ivory Coast. In addition to these, the cities of national influence and the cities of over 100,000 population give a total of 195 plant-able cities in the region.


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