Mark Kelsey & Bernie Kelsey

C3 Church Global Ambassadors


Mark & Bernie Kelsey are Ambassadors for C3 Church Global, and are passionate about motivating and empowering churches and leaders. They believe in the local church – your local church. Out of that heart, they created the Xpress training initiative to equip and release leaders to grow the Church and reach people for Christ.

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When Bernie and I returned from planting a C3 church in New York 22 years ago, the Lord spoke to us and said, “Focus on church planting.” So, we began to create Xpress.

The initial motivation was to make training around church planting more accessible. We spent literally hundreds of hours thinking, dreaming, planning and researching. And as it began to take form, we knew it was going to be something new and innovative.

The Xpress Manual is your guidebook to starting a church, and it’s for anyone – potential church planters, new location pastors, key team leaders, senior pastors… anyone!

Our Xpress Courses are immersive experiences designed for our C3 family to equip people for the next step in their church planting journey. If you’re thinking of xpressing your interest (see what we did there?), we would love to extend a warm welcome to you.

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